The CSLs are software components that are used in multiple training simulator systems to provide vehicle functionality using actual vehicle source code. Oasis strips away the lower level of code that deals with the unique hardware and operating systems of ground combat vehicles and modifies it to run on common PC hardware and operating systems and implements training-unique functionality. CSLs began by providing the Soldier-Machine Interface (SMI), i.e., the graphical user interface and then added diagnostics and the fire control system. CSLs have been developed for the Abrams, Bradley, Stryker, and Wolverine vehicles, including foreign variants. CSLs are used in the Bradley Conduct of Fire Trainer (COFT), Abrams Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS), Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), Common Driver Trainer (CDT), Abrams Maintenance Training System (MTS), and Stryker MTS.


Training Benefits

  • Identical Vehicle Functionality – Provides identical vehicle functionality between training device and combat vehicle because the actual vehicle source code is used rather than attempting to replicate behavior. Prior to CSLs, training systems often differed from the vehicle.

  • Concurrency – Significantly reduces delays in getting updates into the training devices and provides concurrency in fielding, thereby supporting the concept of “Unit Set Fielding”.

  • Reduced Cost – Lowers the cost of an update due to using the actual vehicle source code and then saves additional cost due to that update being used across multiple training devices. Oasis has created CSL releases for over 40 different vehicle releases, saving millions of dollars in training development cost.


Significant Features

  • Soldier-Machine Interface functionality

  • Fire Control functionality

  • Stable Interface – Oasis insulates the training systems from changes to the vehicle code. The CSL interface remains very stable even while the actual vehicle code undergoes significant changes.

  • Efficient Process – CSL is not just a product, it’s also an extremely efficient process that Oasis has perfected over decades of refinement.