OASIS was founded in June 1993 as Orion Advanced Simulation and Intel Systems in Troy, Michigan with seven employees. In 2000, Oasis moved into its current 30,000 square foot Research and Development facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Extend the virtual reality and intelligent systems technology envelopes, and apply the results to the development of enhanced simulation, training, education and entertainment systems for the commercial and military communities.
— Oasis Advanced Engineering Mission

Oasis is a success-oriented and a highly regarded small business prime contractor with over twenty (20) years of experience in all phases of development, production, test, and fielding of complex, vehicle-centric, high-fidelity training systems. Oasis has a decade of experience in working with actual combat vehicles in the development of common embedded training capabilities. Oasis is all about commonality, a true pioneer in the field in the development of training system Common Software Libraries (CSLs) based on vehicle software.

The Oasis Team is composed of a highly experienced staff with personnel cross-trained in multiple disciplines; 70% of Oasis personnel have been with the company for nearly 20 years with most having advanced degrees. Undergraduate and graduate degrees include computer science, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, and business management.

Team members have worked in the development and production phases of programs, including both engineering and hands-on production tasks. At least half of the core team have been on fielding events. We highly value cross-training and ensure engineers have secondary assignments such as quality assurance, production, fielding, or process development. The knowledge that Oasis employees have of combat vehicle software and hardware architectures is unsurpassed by any company besides the vehicle primes.

Oasis currently employees 25 full-time, direct employees, three of whom reside in Central Florida. Oasis also employs contractors as programs and workload require.

Design and assembly take place in Auburn Hills, Michigan at the Oasis Research & Development facility. This space consists of 20,000 square feet of office and laboratory space and 10,000 square feet of high-bay space.

Our System Integration Lab (SIL) …..for maintenance and testing. More copy

Optical components, such as simulated vehicle sights, are assembled within the Oasis cleanroom. More copy


Facility Features

  • High-bay
  • System Integration Lab
  • Clean room