The Bradley COFT is a dual-configuration gunnery training system that replicates the Bradley ODS-SA and Bradley A3 vehicles. There are three configurations: Institutional, Mobile, and Table Top. The Institutional and Mobile systems include a full scale simulated turret crewstation consisting of a mixture of tactical and simulated components, a computational system rack, and an Instructor Operator Station. The Mobile systems house the Institutional configuration within a 34 foot trailer. The Table Top Trainers consist primarily of simulated equipment and include all controls, indicators, and displays needed for gunnery training housed in ruggedized transit cases. 

A primary factor in the overarching success of the Bradley COFT was incorporation of proven, fielded Government-owned components. Key Government-owned/reusable components integrated into the software architecture include the Bradley Common Software Library (BCSL, tactical vehicle software, FBCB2), Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT Bradley model), OneSAF (modified to support gunnery training requirements), CCTT and SE Core IG databases, SE Core moving models, and the Scoring Common Software Library (Scoring CSL). Using BCSL and the Scoring CSL to achieving concurrency has proven to provide Warfighters with the highest fidelity training systems at a minimal cost.

In addition to our role as prime contractor, Oasis was solely responsible for:

  • overall programmatic and technical leadership
  • all software developed for all three configurations
  • integration of government owned common/reusable HW and SW components
  • ensured the system met Information Assurance (IA) requirements
  • design and production of the Instructor Operator Station and computational system racks
  • design and production of the Table Top configuration
  • all optics and complex display solutions for all configurations, including biocular displays, primary and auxiliary sights, and the Commander’s Smart Display
  • production of complex control panels and assemblies within the Mobile/Institutional crewstation
  • all formal testing, site surveys, and fielding

Oasis has fielded 114 TTTs and 75 Mobile and Institutional Bradley COFT at Army and National Guard installation across the United States as well as OCONUS locations. Oasis is in the process of producing and fielding another 17 TTTs and 11 Mobile and Institutional trainers.